Boréal Coffee

Boréal is a Swiss-based socially responsible coffee wholesaler and retailer

Boréal is a group of companies founded in January 2009, focused on the coffee value chain. The group has two coffee shops and a roasting facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

The group promotes the coffee culture in Switzerland with a focus on traceability and social and environmental impact.

Boréal Coffee Roasters works in close relation with its suppliers to set up common social projects benefiting to producers.

Impact Finance Fund was between 2012 and 2014 the main creditor of Boréal Group, Boréal valued this relation for the added value brought by the experience of Impact Finance Management in value chain financing at the Base of the Pyramid.

Boréal has finished repaying its long-term loan to Impact Finance Fund in June 2015. With the entry of a new equity partner, the group has now gained its financial autonomy. However, the story continues. Impact Finance is in discussions with Roasters United, the roaster cooperative from which Boréal is a founding member.