Cooperativa Agroindustrial del Sol

Cooperativa Agroindustrial del Sol (Agrosol) is a cooperative of producers of organic and fair trade bananas in Peru.


Cooperativa Agroindustrial del Sol Limitada (AGROSOL) is a cooperative created in 2011 by 15 employees of two associations of producers in the region of Piura, one focused on organic bananas called CEPIBO and the other selling coffee and sugar called CEPICAFE. The development of those two cooperatives has been supported by the NGO AVSF-CICDA, which assisted them in terms of gaining access to the international market, organization and logistics. CEPIBO has become the second exporter of Organic Banana in Peru. AgroSol was created to expand and secure the production base of CEPIPO.

AgroSol will generate a great source of sustainable jobs in the semi-arid region of Piura. It is restoring an abandoned plot of land into a productive land of banana production with an accent on the environmental sustainability of the model regarding the use of chemicals, waste management, and water management. The entire production will be fair trade and organic certified.

The Impact Finance Fund is the first creditor of Agrosol.