Hugo Restrepo

The McIlhenny family has produced the famous Tabasco Pepper Sauce for five generations in Louisiana.  While being an example of continuity and tradition, the company manage to position its brand as the go-to spicy sauce in 180 countries. Impact Finance Fund now finances one of its important tabasco pepper suppliers in Latin America, Hugo Restrepo y Cia S.A., which relies on a highly social supply chain.

Founded in 1998, Hugo Restrepo has developed an integrated value chain working with smallholder farmers of the Cauca Valley, Colombia.The quality of its soils and the constant intensity of the sun enable the production of high-quality peppers all year long. Hugo Restrepo produces mash (pulpy mass made of crushed chili pepper) mostly from tabasco pepper but also habanero, cayenne and jalapeño peppers. In 2001, the company created an affiliate in Peru to diversify its risks, which produces and exports the same ingredients. Pepper farming is a good cash earning crop to smallholder farmers in Colombia and Peru because it requires a lot of manpower. Hugo Restrepo brings close technical assistance to our long-term traders to maximize their exports.

Hugo Restrepo controls the use of chemicals and strictly applies the regulations of the EU Community, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the local regulations in Colombia and in Peru. Indeed, the smallholder farmers under contract with Hugo Restrepo are pushed to better environmental practices through strict rules regarding the use of crop protection chemicals.

Impact Finance started supporting Hugo Restrepo in June 2017. The Colombian chili peppers mash manufacturer needs working capital to accelerate production. In Peru, the affiliate of the company needs money to buy more from smallholders (purchase capacity). Impact Finance plans to continue supporting this company on its supply chain for the long-term.