Fondesurco is a microfinance institution created in 1994 in the Southern region of Peru.

This MFI, a leader in rural financing, sets an example for consistent innovation and portfolio quality. It has developed an outstanding track record in rural financing, with 93% of its loan in rural and remote areas. Fondesurco manages a portfolio of USD 22.7 million with 12,500 clients and an average loan of USD 1,600.

In 2011, with the support of ADA in Luxembourg and MicroEnergy International in Germany, Fondesurco has implemented a pilot program to develop renewable energy loans. After 12 months of tests and around 50 loans disbursed, Fondesurco decided to replicate the project.

This led to the creation of the Green Credits to finance renewable energies. Thanks to this product, clients can finance the purchase of solar water heaters and efficient wood ovens, which increase their quality of life, while diminishing their environmental impact. The focus of the renewable energy loans is mostly small restaurants, guesthouses, and hotels. After 18 months, 203 loans had been given out.

With the investment from the Impact Finance Fund, Fondesurco will expand its offer from three offices where the product was proposed to a whole network of agencies.