Idepro is a microfinance institution registered in Bolivia as an “Institucíon Financiera de Desarollo” or Financial Institution for Development. It started its operations in 1991 and offers two main products: Procadena who loans to specific product value chains and Promicro who give individual microloans to micro and small enterprises.

Idepro is currently supporting six different value chains including quinoa, grape, timber, Brazil nut, textile, and tourism. This institution is one of the most experienced microfinance institutions worldwide in value chain financing and has developed a complete and sophisticated methodology offering, in addition to credit, specific technical and business support to the members of each value chain. This methodology also includes a sophisticated monitoring of sales, profits, and employment.

Idepro is managing a portfolio of USD 33 million with 9,300 clients and an average loan of USD 3,500.

With the investment from the Impact Finance Fund, Idepro is financing small-scale producers and farmers involved in the value chains of timber, grape, and quinoa.

Environmental sustainability and labor practices are at the center of Idepro’s value chain strategy. Each product benefits from specific guidelines and regular control. For example, in timber extraction, the logs are chosen within the strict control of the Ministry of Forestry. For the cultivation of grapes, the loan officer monitors closely the storage and proper labeling of chemicals along with personal protection equipment.