Cédric Lombard

Co-CEO in charge of Investments - Cali

Cédric is a co-founder of Impact Finance and is responsible for the investments. He opened an office in Colombia in 2013 from where operations in Latin America are supervised.

Cédric has co-founded Symbiotics and BlueOrchard Finance, two leading microfinance investment managers. In both he was responsible for analysis and investments. Over the last decade he has visited and analyzed over 600 companies working with the BoP in 30 developing countries, extending over USD 500M in loans. In 2007, he co-founded Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), an association promoting responsible investing in Switzerland and was the vice-chairman until 2011.

Cédric holds a Master of International Relations from the Graduate Institute for International Relations in Geneva.

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Benjamin Firmenich

Co-CEO in charge of Investor Relations - Geneva

Benjamin joined Impact Finance in 2010, he is in charge of the relations with investors. He is based in Geneva and manages a portfolio of investments in Western Europe and Latin America. He's also a member of the Firmenich Sustainability Council and he co-initiated the Geneva Nexus Salon, a local meetup of the Nexus Global Youth Initiative.

He is an environmental science and social impact analysis specialist. He was sent in 2008 by Wetlands International to Indonesia to assess the total economic value of a mangrove ecosystem and he took part in an emission-modeling project at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. Since he started working for Impact Finance, Benjamin has visited over 50 impact enterprises.

Benjamin holds a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University and a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Geneva.

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